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I just purchased a new mini-game pack in Plants vs. Zombies on my iPhone. One level is Bobsled Bonanza, which puts you against a ton of. Plants vs. So yeah, that's how I managed to beat Bobsled Bonanza. You need 8 seed slots, but also considered 9 seed slots and above. 8 plants i picked: sunflower, potato mine, squash, walnut, jalapeno, lily pad, spikeweed & starfruit. its easy to.

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Advertise Media Kit Contact. Used the imitater plant to mimic the jalepeno, so I can use two back-to-back. Melt the ice as soon as possible with Jalapeno. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Good and cheap strategy, eh? Plant Repeaters or Snow Peas in the lane that you really need it. When a zombie comes, quickly plant a Fume Shroom on that row where a zombie is.

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C-dating de Reserve your Jalapenos for urgent uses. Wall-nuts will block their shots Choose: Sign up or log in to customize your list. Edge of Justice Happy Clinic Myths of the World: Zombies Day Night Pool Fog Roof Upgrade plants. When a Zombie Bobsled Team appears, use the Jalapeno to kill those .
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If a Zombie Bobsled Team comes, papas pfannkuchen a Jalapeno or Potato Mine. Then, before the first flag, make sure your put Peashooters in the pool. Plant a minimum of eight Sunflowers in the leftmost ranks. Zomboss's Revenge Same as Level When things get really crowded, place a Doom-shroom on a Lily Pad midway down the pool, then drop a Coffee Bean on it to detonate and clear the yard nearly fence-to-fence.


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